ONE 1.About me? 2.EDUCATION 3.Skills 4.Hoobys About Me :) Combining with my vivid imagination with my desire for practical solutions in order to achieve collaborative goals and deconstruct clichês. My introspective and intuitive nature is balanced by a keen interest in the surrounding world and a desire to keep up with the world of 2050. TWO 1.About Me 2.Education 3.Skills 4.Hoobys Education See-Saw Panamby Bilingual School 2008-2013;
Colégio Santo Agostinho 2014 – 2016;
PUC Rio - Social Communication - Advertising - (2017-2020).
THREE 1.About Me 2.Education 3.Skills 4.Hoobys Skills Fluent in English;
Engaged and committed to schedules and goals;
Prompt adaptation to multicultural environments and with diverse groups of people;
Knowledge of Google AdWords and FacebookAds;
Creativity and Proactivity;
FOUR 1.About Me 2.Education 3.Skills 4.Hobbys Hoobys Life Enthusiast for small and big things.

ONE Let's Code Academy
Costumer Experience Intern
Organize, plan, and monitor our Let's Code Teens department to ensure f buyer-centric approach and deliver a smooth, unfragmented and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints and at all stages of the buyer journey.
Social Media Intern
Party Industry and Bee Design (8-month experience)
I was responsible for coordinating and executing the social media strategy of both companies, working across key channels including Facebook and Instagram, thus increasing not only the number of followers but also their online engagement and presence. This approach was a great opportunity for the brands to gain visibility in such a competitive market and reach out to potential customers.
Digital Marketing
In an unprecedented approach, the program presents both a theoretical and practical contemporary vision regarding Marketing actions focused on the digital environment. Throughout the program, I started from the strategic vision with a focus on business, to be presented after the corresponding tactics, management tools, and metrics to optimize results across multiple devices and markets.
ePUC Not finding a high level of interdisciplinary programs within my university, my friends and I decided to develop an app that helps PUC-Rio students to organize and adjoin electives from diverging majors into their curriculum. The platform was divided by academic departments, which was also accompanied by an interaction board where students can see the official syllabus of the elective in addition to comments from other students who formerly took the course. It was an amazing experience to lead our team. Learning to work collectively within each individual's strengths and weaknesses was demanding, however it was only through our differences that we were able to produce this helpful app. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FormaIdeall I actively participated in the graduation party committee of my highschool. I helped to choose the theme, performers, food and decoration.
(10 months)
SEC Spent one month in Vancouver to perfect my english and get to know different cultures. VIEW MORE MUN Engaged with MUN (Model United Nations) to complement my academic background and improve my arguing skills. In addition, it helped me to gain empathy towards people , even for the ones with different opinions. Developing a diplomatic personality. INSTITUTION WEBSITE ADOBE COURSE Short course to master Adobe PhotoShop , Illustrator and InDesign for social media layout. AGENCY Job 1 Job 1 Projeto
Rosa Choque
Rosa choque is a short film about the subtle differences in the process of gender identity. With a humorous touch, the movie makes an analogy between the spectrum of gender with the spectrum of colors. The story is told under two perspectives : a boy , passionate for pink and a girl, who hates pink. To promote our film, we decided to create a clothing line with the name "seu machismo é tarja preta" associating sexism with medicine. Dangerous. Fake. Needs to be retained. CHECK OUT THE TEASER

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